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The Catholic Culture Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by musician and writer Thomas V. Mirus, exploring everything Catholic, with a special focus on arts and culture. Dedicated to the Holy Family. An extension of

Apr 19, 2022

One of the best contemporary natural law philosophers, J. Budszizewski, joins the show to discuss his new book, How (and How Not) to Be Happy, spiritual warfare in the classroom, and his journey from “macho nihilism” to faith.

Topics include:

  • Why virtue alone won’t make you happy
  • Why the Greeks said “Call no man happy until he is dead”
  • A critique of the Stoic revival
  • How belief in the afterlife allows us to be honest about suffering in this life
  • Teaching secular students about natural law
  • Breaking through people’s self-deception
  • Budszizewski's youthful embrace of nihilism and how God broke down his intellectual pride


How (and How Not) To Be Happy

Underground Thomist website

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What We Can’t Not Know: A Guide

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